Product Eligibility

Employers must be incorporated in Ontario, with at least three (3) full-time employees residing in Ontario, and covered by a provincial health plan within Canada.

Employers located outside of Ontario are not currently eligible.

Some employer industries are not eligible for this plan. You will be asked to provide your industry in order to obtain an online quote. These employers can be connected with an advisor to obtain a customized plan and quote appropriate to their industry.

Actively working on a full-time basis for at least 20 hours per week. Employees must be 16 years of age.

Employees on leave at the time of purchase, or at the time the plan goes into effect are not eligible for benefits until they become actively employed again.

The CHLIA provisions require the insurer who had the policy at the time the employee became disabled to continue to be responsible for certain benefits.

Any employees who are not actively at work due to a disability at the time of enrollment will need to be identified to Viver after you purchase the plan in order to make appropriate benefit arrangements for these employees.

  • Basic Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefits
  • Dependent Life Insurance
  • Employee Critical Illness Benefit
  • Dependent Critical Illness Benefit
  • Extended Health Care Benefits
  • Dental Care Benefits
  • Health Care Spending Account
  • Personal Spending Account
  • Second Opinion Consult
  • Employee Assistance Program

This product offers you flexibility to select between products and coverage options within specific products. If you are interested in adding a benefit which is not visible in the tool, this can be arranged by contacting your advisor. If you are not working with an advisor, we’ll assign one to you to help you with this request.

The list of available benefits will increase over time, and we’ll let you know as new ones are added.

Depending on the coverage you select for your members, benefits may require evidence of insurability (EOI) for coverage above certain non-evidence maximums. Please refer to “What Products Are Available in This Plan” for additional information about EOI requirements by benefit.

If your employees currently have approved coverage under your prior group benefits plan, we may approve these members without requiring EOI, only if there is no change in the insurance benefits schedule:
– up to the same coverage of your prior plan amount or $300,000 for basic life, whichever is less and
– up to the same coverage of your prior plan amount or $50,000 for critical illness, whichever is less.

In order for us to replace prior coverage approved for individual employees, you will be asked to upload a copy of your last bill showing the employees’s coverage amounts in force after you complete the purchase process.

You can select coverage to start on the first of the following month, as long as it is at least 15 days in the future to allow employees to enrol in their benefit plan.

Most companies require 30 days cancellation notice. Please ensure that your preferred plan effective date is at least 30 days in the future. We recommend not cancelling your existing coverage until final approval of benefits is received from Viver Health.

You must ensure there is no overlap in coverage between your current plan, and the Viver plan.


Most companies require 30 days cancellation notice. Please ensure that your preferred plan effective date is at least 30 days in the future. We recommend not cancelling your existing coverage until final approval of benefits is received from Viver Health.

Viver HealthTM does not currently offer disability coverage in the online portal. Please contact us if you would like to add this benefit to your plan.

Sign-up and Contracting

Once you sign-up, you will be asked to provide simple information about your employee population, your industry and your budget. With this, the application will recommend an appropriate benefit plan, and allow you to adjust this recommendation to add or remove benefits, and increase or decrease coverage for each benefit, in order to find the plan that resonates best with your needs and budget.

Once you are satisfied with this plan design and quote, you can complete the purchase process. Once this is completed, you will be able to upload your employee information, and your employees will be sent a communication in order to access their Member Portal, add their dependents and beneficiaries, and view their plan information.

You decide the budget, and we recommend a plan. Our plan design tool allows you to see what other employers are offering for each benefit, to help you design a plan that is competitive to attract talent to your organization.

You will need a credit card for the initial purchase which will be equivalent to the first months premium.

After this, your premiums will automatically be collected via direct debit on a monthly basis. You will need to provide your banking information once you are given access to the plan administration website. You will be notified when your monthly bill is ready for review.

Once you make a purchase, a customized digital member booklet will be provided to you to distribute to eligible members. Once members are uploaded to the Administration system, they will also be able to access this booklet online whenever they choose.

Contact us to speak with a licensed advisor about your industry. Use the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page.

If you do, be sure to add their name in the sign-up screen, so that they can have access to see your plan and member information in the Viver administration website.

If you do not have a licensed advisor, Viver HealthTM can answer any questions you may have about the group benefits plan.

All employees of the same work class have to be offered Group benefits. For example, all managers must participate in the benefit plan, or all full-time employees must participate in the benefit plan.

Your employees who have coverage through a spousal benefit plan can opt out of health and dental benefits by provinding the other insurers policy information during their online enrollment.

You should register them with Viver as soon as they are hired. All new employees will automatically be given coverage after 3 months. If you need to waive the waiting period for any reason, you can contact us for an exception.

The quoted premium excludes taxes on premium as these change depending on the province of residence of each employee.

Viver Health Inc. and it's Partners

We are a group of industry professionals with more than 40 years of experience in the insurance industry. We created Viver as a technology platform that simplifies the group benefits plan design, quoting and setup experience for small business owners, and helps advisors access this market with a simple and efficient product.

SEB Admin is the company providing the technical solutions that support the plan selection and day-to-day administration website, including the Member’s Portal.

SEB also provides Contact Centre support for these sites, to help plan sponsors and members navigate and participate in the plan.

Administration and Billing

After you select your plan and complete your the initial payment, you will receive your login information for the administration application along with instructions to upload your employees’ information.

We will also share with you all of the information you need to use the system, and get help with the onboarding process.

Once you do this, your employees will receive an email with a link to access their member portal, and review and update their dependent, benefit and beneficiary information.

Your employees can also download the forms required to apply for coverage above the Non-evidence Maximum of your plan, if applicable.

All employees of the same work class have to enroll and participate in the plan. During enrollment, members can choose to opt-out of the health and dental benefits if they and their dependents are covered under a spousal plan. In this case, the other insurers name will need to be provided during member enrollment.

Once you add your employees into the Administration system, you can provide your last monthly bill from your prior carrier group benefits plan. We will review the previously approved amount, and provide employees with the greater of the non-evidence maximum of your new plan or the amount they were previously approved for, up to $300,000 for Basic Life Insurance, and $50,000 for Critical Illness benefit.

The administration website will house your monthly bills. You can view them at any time. You will also be able to run a pro-forma bill for the following month. This can be useful if you anticipate significant changes in member coverage or enrollment for the future period.

After the initial payment, all monthly invoices will be payable via pre-authorized payment. Once you receive your login information for the administration application, you can upload your member information, and add your banking information. This will be used to withdraw payment on the Pay Withdrawal Date noted in your account.

You will be billed monthly in advance for the upcoming month. Your bill will be available on the first of each month, and pre-authorized payments will be withdrawn on the 7th of each month, or the first business day following the 7th of the month.

The Administration system includes a payroll report and taxable benefit report to facilitate management of payroll.